Fair trade with mango

At Chankwakwa we’re not only concerned with the quality of our products but equally concerned about the people we work with. The vision was there from the beginning to teach and empower small scale farmers. Today we work with over 200 farmers here in Kabwe and in Luapula Province. To guarantee that the workers get proper pay (at the factory) and that the small scale farmer get a guaranteed minimum price for their mangoes we have worked towards Fairtrade certification. This is a monumental task for any company, let alone a small company like us. We are very proud to fulfill all criteria for the certificate for our mango outgrowers as well as for the factory. These are images from when the Fairtrade inspector came to inspect our work during the month of April. Many meetings are held during the year and so too during the inspection, all to be able to teach the farmers on what it all means to work with Fairtrade.



20140307_133837 20140307_121539

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