Online goodness!

In Sweden there’s an online shop with a message. A message of good news, as in Yawama! The founder, Nicola, is the daughter of the Chankwakwa brand’s founder Dorothy Eriksson. So you can say that entrepreneurship runs in the family DNA! Yawama, which simply means “good” in IchiBemba, is a shop with a difference. Here you can see exactly where your items were made and even by whom. It’s all about knowing that the producer has benefited from the product that will end up in your home. It is also where Scandinavian design meets African craftsmanship. Under the category “Tropical foods” you will find our sun dried Mango and sun dried Tomato. In other words, you are able to have a packet of tropical flavor sent to you in the mail!

Hand-knitted by women in Zambia

Chankwakwa sun dried Mango and other tropical delicacies available from Yawama.

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